When my dad, David Katzav, arrived in NYC in the 1990's, fresh out of the Israeli Army en route to sunny LA, he never expected to stay, let alone enter the fashion world.

Wide-eyed and 22, eager for opportunity and excitement, he fell in love with the pulse of the city. But like everyone who first moves to New York City learns, you have to learn how to hustle—and fast.

A friend's uncle owned a factory for the then contemporary brand, Kikit. He agreed to give my dad and his friend old samples, which led to weekly Sunday sample sales that the duo would host out of their little Soho apartment. Fridays and Saturdays they would be at Limelight, The Palladium, and Tunnel promoting their tiny showroom of goods, and Sunday was juba (slang for "money" in Hebrew) making day! They hustled at bars and clubs all over NYC and were able to build a loyal network of friends, clients, and young designers in the scene.

In just a short time, their tiny showroom turned into a storefront on LaGuardia Street in 1991. The small boutique took off faster than they could have ever imagined. Just after one year, the duo took on a second location; Spring Street. Soon after, top designers were clamoring at their doorstep, as Big Drop NYC had gained the reputation of being one of the most unique and well-curated boutiques in town. Over time, Big Drop NYC expanded to five locations, including a pop-up in the Hamptons and Miami. 

Arriving in NYC with nothing but a dream, my dad had no idea what he had started in just a short time. Now, the iconic Big Drop NYC has two homes; Soho (NYC)  and Miami. The boutique has become the go-to spot to find the latest trends for cool girls, socialites, and celebrities alike.

I spent my childhood growing up in my dad’s stores, spending breaks and summers working in different capacities. In 2015, upon graduating university, I slowly took over the business and made it my own. With fresh eyes and my team of young entrepreneurial fearless women, I hope to build on the strong foundation my dad created that shaped the confident, fashion forward “Big Drop Girl.” Known for our eclectic mix of contemporary and emerging designers, I hope to continue to give you an incredibly curated assortment. 

I’ve truly found something I love here and want nothing more than to share it with you!