"Thanks, it's Vintage"

As a young girl, I was taught the importance of quality over quantity, and that Hermes, Chanel and Real Estate are the only 3 things to invest in after your family. I also learned that money didn't grow on trees and that if I wanted these nice things, I would have to work hard for them. So it never made sense to me to buy something expensive that everyone else could also buy- I always wanted to stand out, much like our BD babes. My first designer bag was a beautiful vintage Chanel chevron flap bag, with a leather strap, that I saved up for 3 years for! And I still use it today, 5 years later.

We are always thinking about what new concept we can bring to our stores to grow our business and introduce you, our clients, to something fun and creative. Three years ago, our Director of Business Development, brought in an exclusive Vintage Chanel capsule to be sold during Art Basel, and it did SO incredibly well, we decided to continue this long term. Today, we are so excited to extend this to our New York location as well! For the last three years, we have been sourcing Chanel bags from around the world, allowing you lovelies to get your hands on exclusive, timeless, and authentic Chanel bags, and we can't wait to continue to find more treasures for you babes!

Chanel bags belong to a rare and exclusive category that appreciate in value as they age. Though they may not be the most budget-friendly, these rare bags hold timeless value that only grows over time. The master craftsmanship,intricate details, and limited runs make these bags incredibly rare and valuable.

Every bag from our sources is authenticated and selected with consideration, stored in a humidity controlled environment, and include a detailed description with any information in regards to alterations such as repainting or repair work.

Debating between the Bitcoin or a Vintage Chanel? Make an investment that is guaranteed to only increase, while upgrading your wardrobe to major levels ;).