Every woman owns a leather jacket, most women own quite a few. But, only the rare have been fortunate enough to own a custom hand painted number by Ana Wakeham of Child of the Universe. To all our BD Babes out there, you are part of that lucky bunch!

We met Ana Wakeham at Capsule (one of the leading industry trade shows for new and upcoming brands) and fell in love with her brand, which follows three tenets: Individual Fashion, Premium Materials, and Socially Responsible Fashion. It's our duty as a specialty boutique to discover and promote up and coming brands, and we really enjoy nothing more than finding a sick new designer that we know you will love too. When their ethics and morals also parallel ours, well, that's the real cherry on top.

Ana & her husband source the highest quality cottons and luxury alpaca directly in Peru and put tons of extra care into making sure every material is coming from an ethical, high-quality source . There's nothing more sexy than being ethical (mom, I hope you are reading this and are proud).

Despite the increasingly mass-produced nature of goods in the market, Child of the Universe is committed to the uniqueness of the individual. All their garments are hand finished by local artists and artisans, and hand painting is done by local college students as their final thesis project. Each product is a one-of-a-kind piece for the bold, modern woman- like you.

Last Art Basel, we hosted a live hand painting event, of her amazing leather jackets, and we had such an amazing turn out! So many of you lovely ladies showed up to support and a few were lucky enough to take a piece home with them. Literally, we all couldn't get enough that we had to bring it back!

A fresh delivery of Ana's one-of-a-kind painted jackets just hit our floors and we highly encourage you to check them out- it will immediately transform your closet. Also check her out on instagram @childuniverse and give her some love!!