5 Recommendations from the BD Babes


Taste buds feeling adventurous? Tajin is a Mexican seasoning that is a blend of lime, mild chili peppers and sea salt. Our BD babe swears by Tajin and puts it on almost everything she eats. The spice makes fruit, especially pineapples and watermelon, taste super delicious.

Bond #9

This NYC centric and woman run fragrance company makes Bond #9 the ultimate perfume for the BD babes. The scents and shapes of the perfumes are inspired by the vibrance and diversity of the city. Our personal favorite, the SOHO, combines florals such as orange blossom with more masculine scents. Prepare to be complimented on how amazing you smell!

La Colombe Iced Draft Latte

The La Colombe iced draft latte is a must to get us through a Monday. Stop by the famous coffee spot on your way to work and grab the iced draft to start your day off right. We love this drink because it's both strong and tasty with 140 mg of caffeine equal to about 1.5 cups of coffee.

The Kimono Top

The Kimono Top by Jennifer Hope Clothing is a staple in all of the BD babes wardrobes. We are so obsessed with this top that we carry it in 9 colors and each of us own at least 3. This sexy silk piece is extremely versatile which is why is it one of our all times faves. Wear it during the day with a lace bralette and pair of jean shorts or dress it up with a body chain for a night out.

Calypso by David Sedaris

Calypso is a great light read that is guaranteed to make you laugh. This memoir-style novel showcases Sedaris’ brilliant sense of dark humor and wittiness. Bring this book on your next vacay, head to the beach, order a cocktail, and enjoy!